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About Us

Our Mission

Customer and Quality

To provide unmatched supply chain and procurement solutions, delivering the highest quality parts and services, and becoming indispensable to our customers.

Our Vision

Continuous Improvement

To establish ourselves as the premier B2B supply chain solution platform while creating an outstanding company.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

Championing stewardship, envisioning big, upholding integrity, fostering collaboration, and embracing continuous improvement.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our experienced team possesses in-depth knowledge of import/export regulations and government procurement procedures.

High Standards

Immobilaire excels in collaborating with AS-9120, ISO-9001, and ASA-100 certified OEMs and suppliers. Utilizing advanced technologies like blockchain and AI, we deliver superior service in the military aircraft sector.

Market Experts

Immobilaire specializes in military aircraft structural components, offering a diverse range of rivets, bolts, gaskets, and O-rings, as well as mil-standard hardware, fasteners, test stands, and aircraft line replacement units and subassemblies. Leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence, we ensure efficient sourcing, procurement, and logistics management for our clientele.

Cutting Edge Resources

Our capacity to swiftly manage the sourcing, procurement, and logistical needs across a diverse range of parts sets us apart, leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence for enhanced efficiency and transparency.

Global Supplier Network

The Immobilaire supplier network consists of AS-9120 and ISO-9001 Certified Manufacturers and distributors. Thus, all parts provided by Immobilaire are equipped with traceability and airworthiness certifications.

The future is now

Immobilaire revolutionizes the industry landscape by seamlessly integrating government quality standards with the unparalleled capabilities of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, sculpting a future where efficiency is redefined and waste becomes a relic of the past.

Supply Chain Solutions Beyond Expectations

As Immobilaire has expanded, so has our ability to serve customers. Previously, manual input led to inefficiencies, especially with lists exceeding ten items. Now, with sophisticated proprietary technologies, powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain, we seamlessly integrate OEM and supplier data, allowing for efficient collaboration and streamlined processes. This integration enhances our ability to manage complex data with relative ease, ultimately improving customer service. As we continue to expand our operations, our commitment to innovation remains steadfast.

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